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Oolong Tea

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Oolong Tea


  • Anxi Oolongs :

    Anxi is a famous tea producing region near the coast in southern Fujian Province of China. Oolong tea plants are ubiquitous throughout the countryside and grow abundantly in the fertile soil. Harvesting occurs mainly in the Spring and Autumn. After picking the tea it goes through elaborate processing involving withering, tossing, and rolling. Depending on the intention of the producer these teas can also be roasted. There are light, medium, and heavy styles of roasting and all have a market among tea lovers. As a result of modern demands, the teas produced tend to be much less roasted and much more green, floral and sweet. Major tea types from Anxi include the famous tieguanyin, and the lesser known mao xie and ben shan oolongs as well as huang jin gui and the newly developed jinguanyin. For over 10 years we have been working with family farmers who have been growing and making tea for many generations in the Anxi region. Taste from our comprehensive offering of Anxi teas and experience the breadth of flavors from nectar sweet, to toasted nuttiness. These are a treat!

  • Dan Cong Oolong Tea :

    Throughout the Phoenix Mountains outlying Chaozhou city in north eastern Guangdong province, grow the historic tea plants used to create "dancong" oolong teas. With a rich tradition that goes back over 900 years, these teas have truly magnificent aromas and unique flavors that come from volcanic soil. The tea plants from the high elevation can be hundreds of years old, and have highly sought after qualities. For over 10 years we have been sourcing superb dancong oolong teas from family farmers that have been tending these tea trees for generations. This region has many different types of oolong that range from lightly oxidized to heavily oxidized and also have degrees of roasting. We offer a truly special lineup of teas from this coveted area, and encourage you to try them all!

  • Taiwan Oolongs :

    Oolong teas grown and produced in Taiwan stand out as some of the most coveted, and sophisticated teas in the entire world.  The tea plants are grown at high elevations along the central mountain range on the "Emerald Isle" (as it was once called).  The elevation, weather, and soil creates quite the perfect conditions for resiliant strains of tea plants to thrive.  Tea leaves are picked all year round with afficianados particularly loving the Winter and Spring harvests for oolongs.  There is a huge variety of teas produced in Taiwan. Starting with very lightly oxidized twisted leaf "bao zhong" oolong, to the traditional roasted "Dong Ding", and culminating in the presitigous very high elevation "Jade" style oolongs.  Within those few categories are also degrees of oxidization and roasting that make Taiwan oolongs so diverse.  We are proud to offer you very fine quality teas that represent the culture and heritage of this beautiful place!

  • Wu Yi Mountain Rock Oolongs :

    Historically labelled as "bohea", another name for the "Wuyi" region of Fujian Province China, is where some of the most cherished tea plants are cultivated. "Yan Cha" or "Cliff/Rock Tea" owes its name to the natural haven these plants thrive in. Nestled in and around the cliffs of a nature preserve, rock oolong tea plants enjoy a very unique terroir consisting of mineral rich soil, limestone cliffs, bamboo forests, and many rivers. The prestige of Wuyi teas are simply something every tea drinker must experience! Inviting aromas and complex post production techniques create this highly sophisticated classical category within the world of tea. We are proud to offer such a deep and wide selection of the finest rock oolongs from Wuyi.

  • Yunnan Oolongs :

    Yunnan province is world famous for producing pu-erh teas, but it also produces very unique and high quality oolong teas as well!  Mainly through experimentation from the local Yunnan growers, and growers from places such as Taiwan, the oolong teas grown in this coveted region have flavor profiles that reveal the taste of the Yunnan soil and climate.  With many high altitude regions for tea plants, Yunnan continues its innovation for our enjoyment!    

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