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About our Loyalty Points Reward Program

In order to give our customers benefits from their loyalty, we are using a loyalty points program. Every time a customer purchases items valued at $3.60 or higher they will earn points which can be converted in discount vouchers and applied to their shopping cart items during the checkout process.

Loyalty points are valued at about calculated as such:

3$ = 1 reward point. 
1 point = $0.18 for the discount.

$3.60 = 1 reward point. 

1 point = an $0.18 discount

For example:

A purchase of $2.90 would earn no loyalty points

A purchase of $3.80 would earn 1 loyalty point

A purchase of $5.90 would also earn 1 loyalty point

A purchase of $7.20 would earn 2 loyalty points

***only items are counted, shipping fees do not earn loyalty points***

Converting Loyalty Points in Discount Vouchers

1. Log into the website with your account

2. In the "My Account" section in the upper left of the sreen click on "My Loyalty Points"

3. Now in the middle of the screen click on the "Transform my points into a voucher of $xx.xx"

4. In the "My Account" click on the "My Vouchers" area

5. You should see you voucher(s) now. The code you will need to enter during the checkout process appears in the far right and is a 7 character code (3 letters followed by 4 numbers).


Using Your Voucher to Discount the Items in Your Cart

1. When you are ready to checkout click on the "Cart" button. The cart button is Red and appears in the upper right of the screen.

2. Now you will be in the Shopping Cart summary page. In the lower middle part of this area there is an area where you may enter your Voucher code. Once added it will deduct the amount of the voucher against your total. Once your order has been paid the voucher will be used up, however you will have earned more Loyalty Points from your new purchase!

If you have any questions about our Loyalty Points program don't hesitate to contact us!


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